About Us

MapOrbit develops and operates information technology services based on satellite data to fit customers’ needs around the globe. The company was founded in 2020 by GeoVille, a global leader in satellite-based Earth observation with over 20 years of excellence in geo-information solutions. MapOrbit’s vision is to contribute to more efficient geospatial Monitoring and Evaluation of policies, programmes, or projects. Our mission therefore is to provide actionable and validated geo-information layers, maps and indicators with known levels of accuracy about where an intervention is relative to its targets and insights into why targets are or are not being achieved.

We specialise in generating business oriented solutions by combining geospatial data, expert domain knowledge and artificial intelligence. We realise that no two customers are identical, therefore, we find user tailored solutions to match costumer specific needs.

Geospatial Data

Geospatial Data

Spatial data is our passion. We translate the x and y of coordinates, movements and geolocated data into insightful information for our customers to create value added services. Where is what we do!


Domain Knowledge

We are not old fashioned cartographers, but a team of multidisciplinary experts across a wide range of domains: ICT, energy, environment – you name it! We support you during the entire process. Starting with the formulation of requirements, implementation, launch as well as scaling and monitoring of the designed service. We connect your domain specific requirements with satellite based power, while always seeing the bigger picture.

Artifical Intelligence

Our aim is to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence in the geospatial field. We apply state of the art machine learning technology to gather insight and find solutions through applied, customer oriented predictive analytics.